The Darker Side of Snow Days

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love snow days.  I've loved them since I was a kid, not only because of the day off but because I love playing in the snow.  So we've got to shovel a bit, that's fine.  To be honest, I could use the extra exercise.  Am I worried about a power outage?  Possibly not as much as I should be, but the leaves are off the trees this time of year and we've had some big storms take out a bit of the deadwood in the past few years.

For some reason today it struck me quite how lucky I am.  I am gainfully employed.  I may have very tight constraints on my funds, but I do make enough to pay for rent, groceries, and the various unavoidable bills.

Libraries all across the state are closing early today and will be closed tomorrow.  Considering the snow we are due to get, and the hazards associated with too many people on the roads while they are trying to clear them (a problem with early closings), this makes sense.

Last October, after the ice storm, my library was asked to function as a warming shelter.

Every day libraries get patrons who spend their days in the library because the shelters at which they sleep are closed during the day.  The library is a place where they can stay warm and dry.  A place where they have internet access to contact relatives and do job searches.

Obviously they manage on days when we are not open, we are closed on Sundays and holidays.  But after big storms and natural disasters, we are seeing libraries becoming very important as a haven during the recovery efforts.  In larger towns and cities they are usually positioned in an area to have power restored soonest if it goes out.  We usually have some line of communication open, even if it is not an idea public channel.

Just something that is on my mind today.


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