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[Book Review] The Beast's Heart

The Beast's Heart / Leife Shallcross "A tale as old as time" probably is going through your head right now. I don't blame you. Shallcross gives us a familiar fairy tale with the point of view switched, the tale of the titular Beast and his journey towards redemption.   In the glut of the YA/New Adult market for ever steamier fairy tale retellings, this romance is shockingly, and if I'm being honest, refreshingly, chaste.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good steamy read, but at the same time they were starting to feel a bit too formulaic.  So, that was nice. I definitely enjoy the reversed point of view, and the showcase of the Beast's struggle to regain and retain his humanity.  The growth of Isabeau's sisters is perhaps my favorite part, seeing the much sidelined siblings shine as people and the place they take as family in the entire narrative. Detracting from everything, the story feels almost too... convenient?  The curse itself was