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[Book Review] Fire Season

Fire Season (Eric Carter #4)  / Stephen Blackmoore Soooo... I love me some Urban Fantasy.  I enjoy Paranormal Romance, but it's not my main bag, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a Urban Fantasy series I like that aren't Romance.  I did a Reader's Advisory video for it two years ago ( Urban Legends: Urban Fantasy that's not Paranormal Romance ). Eric Carter would be a good contemporary to Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files) and James Stark (Sandman Slim).  Or maybe they'd all kill each other in a giant fireball, I'm not really sure... but I am considering to see if there's any fanfiction involving them in combination on AO3 now... Where the series stands out is the styling of the magic and the mythologies it pulls its inspirations from.  Dresden and Stark for example, are mages or wizards that throw around power, exerting their will and using it to shape forces in the world around them in their series.  Carter, however, is a necromancer... whic