Link Smorgasbord, October 28 - November 3

UVU professor plans first deaf culture digital library
Awesome project, I really hope it prospers.

Goodbye Sticky. Hello Ara.
This is pretty awesome.  I already was into Phonebloks, and it looks like Motorola (*cough*Google*cough*) is teaming up with Phonebloks to make this happen on a large scale.  I'm very intrigued.

Apple Blocks Lawrence Lessig's Comment On iOS 7 Wi-Fi Glitch
The story is more than just Lawrence Lessig vs. Apple, it just happens to focus on Lessig.

Announcing the Web Literacy Standard (specification)
Mozilla has this great resource,, which has tools for teaching, learning, and general web development skills.  They've gone a little bit further and started developing outlined skills sets that are key to web literacy:

"The Web Literacy Standard is a map of competencies and skills that Mozilla and our community of stakeholders believe are important to pay attention to when getting better at reading, writing and participating on the web."

Ten Steps You Can Take Right Now Against Internet Surveillance
A good chunk of these are just good to do even if you aren't worried about surveillance.

Neil Gaiman to teach at Bard
If I was a Bard student in the appropriate major I'd be head over heels with excitement (and hoping for an early enrollment slot).

The #@%& Joys of Library Work
There's actually a cut out of this from a newspaper on the staff bulletin board at work.

Microsoft Research uses Kinect to translate between spoken and sign languages in real time
I love this sort of thing.

eBook Heaven
Thoughts on libraries, ebooks, and open access.

Orson Scott Card: Mentor, Friend, Bigot
I've written before about my mixed feelings about Card's work, and my difficulty coming to terms with the fact that a man who wrote some beautiful books about loving and accepting the other can also be so hateful towards the other.  I particularly like this reflection on Card and his work.


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