[Book Review] Garlic: the Mighty Bulb

Garlic: the Mighty Bulb / Natasha Edwards (Powell's Books)

Is this the right book for you?
  • Do you like garlic in your food?
  • Do you like tasty, easy to make food (and easy to follow recipes)?
  • Do you want to know more about garlic?
 Any yes to the above is a good indication that you'll like this book.  I stumbled across this book when gathering titles for a cookbook display and had to borrow it.  The book has a bit of "everything you ever wanted to know about garlic" in addition to the recipes.  Garlic is wonderfully graphic, with photographs of mouthwatering food.  The recipes are very easy to follow, very straightforward and not intimidating.  So far I've cooked three of the recipes, and have copied out another seven to try soon.  The food has been delicious.


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