Link Smorgasbord, July 2014

Pink flamingos flock to Westfield lawns to support Athenaeum in FUN-raiser
A cute fundraiser that a library I spent a number of years at is running.

A Year in the Life of the Sheridan Libraries
Two photography undergrad students were brought in to document the life and environment of the Sheridan Libraries over the course of the academic year.  Gorgeous results.  I'd love to do a project like this in the future.

XKeyscore exposed: How NSA tracks all German Tor users as 'extremists'

Four librarians gagged and threatened with prison time under the Patriot Act
I've said this before, and I'll say it again, librarians really do care about privacy.  There are always exceptions to beliefs and limits in how far people will go, but protection of privacy is one of the core values of the profession.

At Sea in a Deluge of Data
On research, data, and what librarians do.

Avast bought your phone on eBay & recovered what you thought you ‘wiped’
This isn't an issue for just phones, but there is a very active market in second-hand phones.
That’s because when you delete a file, it’s not really deleted. Rather the operating system deletes pointers that correspond to the file and marks the space that the file occupies as available so that it can eventually be overwritten. But until it’s overwritten, the file can still be restored.
Using Avast's products of course isn't the only method of protecting one's data, but obviously there is a bias since they did the testing (that being said, I've been pretty happy with Avast's free antivirus for many years)
And more here:
Tens of thousands of Americans sell themselves online every day

Novel Engagement
A lot of reading, and reading recommendation tools exist out there, but I find this one particularly cute.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for a cute name.

A Long Overdue Nod to SciFi and Fantasy’s Best Librarians

Sure, let’s close the libraries and just get everyone an Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription
A response to the voices claiming that Amazon's new subscription service is a replacement for libraries.  What I'd like to add to this is if you go and browse a library's ebook collection we have books that can be read on any reader/tablet, and books that can be read on any reader except Kindle because Amazon won't let an ebook that they don't also sell in Kindle format (which is a different file format than the industry standard).  Even if you limit the scope of a library just to a place to get free books, and limit even further to digital lending, we can lend you ebooks Amazon won't.

Ad/Lib | Library Marketing, Advertising & Branding
Awesome trove of ideas for librarians.

HarperCollins, BitLit Partner on E-Book Bundling PilotI mentioned BitLit last month I believe, and while one of my favorite publishers was participating, their offerings were slightly limited.  Having one of the big publishers come on board for this is pretty exciting.

College Libraries Push Back as Publishers Raise Some E-Book Prices
Times like this the pessimist in me wants to say "I told you so."  I don't trust subscription access to data as a replacement to owning copies that we (the institution) have control over because this inevitably happens.  As someone who's working at least temporarily in an academic library the impact of this price jump is huge, and we have to dramatically cut the ebooks that our students can borrow because of it.

The e-book phenomenon: a disruptive technology
A study on e-books and their implications across the globe.

amelia bedelia wikipedia I accidentally started a Wikipedia hoax
On the danger of using Wikipedia as a reputable source (it's not always wrong, but it's more like a "phone a friend" option).  This isn't the only time that errors from a Wikipedia article have made it as fact in serious publication, and it won't be the last.

Google can't compete with a skilled librarian steeped in information technology
On librarians and libraries as very useful and relevant.


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