Link Smorgasbord, October 2014

After Some Victories, the Time Has Come to Legally Define ‘Fair Use’
About libraries, lending, fair use, and the wonderful world of "try it and hope you don't get sued" in testing the realm of fair use.

Adobe, Privacy and the Big Yellow Taxi
Good read on privacy, ebooks, and the displeasing data situation with Adobe.

Librarians Are Dedicated to User Privacy. The Tech They Have to Use Is Not.
The title nails it.  It's one of the thing that drives myself (and many of my professional colleagues) crazy.  But we're trying to find ways to address it.

Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”
Neat read

3 Ridiculous Misconceptions About Dating a Librarian
Actually, buying me book is a pretty safe bet... if I don't already own it.

Terms of Service : understanding our role in the world of Big Data
A great graphic novel exploration of privacy and data collection.


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