Life Update : Heeeey Employment!

So life's been all sorts of crazy lately, but not necessarily in a bad way, and with any luck my employment situation is relatively stable for the rest of this fiscal year at least.  After a year and a half of job searching, including a few false starts, it is a nice place to be regardless of how chaotic.

The upside, as I said, is Employment.  And employment at some fantastic places with amazing people.

The downside is the complications and limitations.  I'm juggling five jobs, a mix of regular and on-call/as needed hours.

On July 1st I started as the Circulation Supervisor at a delightful small-town library, working 28 hours per week.  Today I had training for a 10 hour a week sabbatical replacement position at a beautiful private school that we'll just call Hogwarts, where I'll be the supervising evening Librarian and working the Reference Desk.  I'm totally bummed that Hogwarts will only be for this school year, everyone I met today on campus is amazing (and campus security has a cat "on staff").

I've also got some filler work.  I do about 15 hours a month at a local indie bookshop processing the shipping for a signed first editions collectors subscription club (also, super employee discount and access to the unsaleable damaged books).  It's guaranteed work, and it gets me additional exposure to the book industry with a focus on literary fiction.  Additionally I'm the area substitute/heir apparent Quizmaster for Geeks Who Drink, and I do occasional work for a web development company.

All in all, generally busy, and, thanks to the assortment of jobs, able to cover cost of living.  My permanent employment at this time isn't a 'professional' librarian job, but it is within a library and is a supervisory position.  My job at Hogwarts is professional, but sadly temporary, so I'll have to find something to replace it come next fiscal year.  However I'm extremely happy to have library work again, and am fortunate to have fantastic co-workers across the board.


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