[Book Review] The Invisible Library

The Invisible Library/ Genevieve Cogman

I don't deny it, I have a huge weakness for magical librarian shenanigan stories.  Throw in humor and biting wit, and I'm pretty well hooked.

Irene has a mission: slip into an alternative London with her new assistant and retrieve a very specific book.

Unfortunately, she's not the only one after it, and must deal with warring natives, mechanical contraptions, armored alligators, and a very  dangerous rogue Librarian.

The story had me chuckling early on, and is peppered creative and at time grandiose action throughout.  It is also well flavored with steampunk elements without using them to define the story itself.  I look forward to the continuing story.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Roc (Penguin RandomHouse) in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.


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