[Book Review] Wild Licks

Wild Licks (Secrets of a Rock Star #2) / Cecilia Tan

Previously reviewed: Taking the Lead (Secrets of a Rock Star #1)

Gwen Hamilton has spent most of her adult life trying to distance herself from her family's name.  Not because of any disgrace, but because she wants to know she makes it on her own ability not on the weight of her name.  Maybe that's what makes walking on the wild side so attractive to her, and why she plays along when the stage crew of her brother-in-law's band take her for a groupie.  Either way, it lands her in the trailer of guitarist Mal Kennealy.

Burned too harshly in the past, Mal eschews relationships.  But something about the unnamed groupie with intimate tattoos declaring "Love Pain" and "Excrucia" draws him.  Little does he know that Ricki's sweet blond sister is the wild tattooed masochist he tumbled after a show.

However, secrets have a way of slipping out, and what follows is a chaotic, passionate, and complicated affair that tests them both.

Wild Licks is on par with Tan's other works, and ties lightly into her Struck by Lightning series.  Go in expecting a creative and explicit sexy story.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Forever (Hachette) in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.


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