[Book Review] Slave Hunt (Subs Club)

Slave Hunt (The Subs Club #5) / J. A. Rock

Previously reviewed:
I removed the disclaimer for the review on this book that I've included on the first four.  It's not as necessary beyond informing the reader that this is a kinky erotic novella.  It's light, fun, and hot, but is a group story and lacks the almost painful depth of intimacy that the first four books bring out.  The relationships are established, now it's time to play.  However, I do recommend not starting with this book, as it is built on the story grown over the previous four books.

In Slave Hunt, the Subs Club (and their partners) gear up for a game day put on by Riddle.  Tops hunting bottoms with paintball guns, with prizes for most caught, staying free, and of course the enticement of play time with caught bottoms.  The story gives us the tops' voices for the first time, and even lets Maya have some time as a narrator.  Juggling ten narrators is usually overwhelming, but the tightness of the stories and the growth off of the previously established relationships works well here.  There's a surprising amount of tenderness and expression, mixed in with the expected humor and sexy times.

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