[Book Review] Smoke Bitten

Smoke Bitten (Mercy Thompson #12) / Patricia Briggs

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Ooof, it's been a minute since I've written a review, and I have a pile of books waiting accusingly for me to correct that.  It's been hard to focus enough to read these past few months, let alone write.

Smoke Bitten is a book that I loved but that is difficult for me to read on a deeply personal level, and will likely be so to anyone that has experienced a long term relationship fracture.  I don't know much about Briggs' personal life, but she captures what it's like to know that something is wrong but not what and the desperate attempts to break through to an increasingly distant partner.

But what matters is what comes next, that hope is not lost, that the source of the problem is attacked.

That goes for the monster of the week that the book is named for.  Briggs gives us something unexpected here, a threat that seems outside the better known lexicon, the naming of which is unexpected.  The earlier books and the alliances Mercy has forged across them are twined into the story here.  I feel like the threat that Mercy faces is one that she is uniquely suited to as a daughter of Coyote.

An excellent addition to the series.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Ace (Penguin RandomHouse) in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.


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