NF Display August 2013

I'm on a bit of an outdoors kick it seems lately, or it could be the friends who are inspiring my displays are just really outdoorsy and active.  Either way, this display is for Seth (aka "Cheddar"), who has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and who hopes to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in a year or two.  While you can't see the image thanks to light reflection, I plundered his photos of his hike to make a sign for this display (added text is "Go Take a Hike... ...and Explore").

The selections this month are a mix: about hiking or experiencing the Appalachian Trail, about hiking and backpacking in general, hiking maps, and about the trail itself.  Some of these books come very highly recommended, in particular AWOL on the Appalachian Trail.

  • Becoming Odyssa : epic adventures on the Appalachian Trail / Jennifer Pharr Davis
  • AWOL on the Appalachian Trail / David Miller
  • A walk in the woods : rediscovering American on the Appalachian Trail / Bill Bryson
  • The thru-hiker's handbook / Dan "Wingfoot" Bruce
  • On the beaten path : an Appalachian pilgrimage / Robert Alden Rubin
  • Long distance hiking on the Appalachian Trail for the older adventurer / David Ryan
  • The Appalachian Trail reader / David Emblidge (Ed.)
  • Exploring the Appalachian Trail : hikes in Southern New England / David Emblidge
  • Exploring the Appalachian Trail : hikes in Southern New England, 2nd Edition / David Emblidge
  • A journey north : one woman's story of hiking the Appalachian Trail / Adrienne Hall
  • Mountain adventure : exploring the Appalachian Trail / Ron Fisher
  • The Appalachian Mountain Club's White Mountain Guide : hiking trail in the White Mountain National Forest / Gene Daniell and Steve D. Smith (Eds.)
  • The A.M.C. Maine mountain guide / Appalachian Mountain Club
  • Stand up that mountain : the battle to save one small community in the wilderness along the Appalachian Trail / Jay Erskine Leutz
  • Massachusetts trail guide : AMC's comprehensive guide to hiking trails in Massachusetts / John S. Burk (Ed.)
  • Southern New Hampshire trail guide : AMC guide to hiking Mts. Monadnock, Cardigan, Kearsarg, and the Lake regionshire / Gene Daniell and Steven D. Smith (Eds.)
  • The backpacker's field manual : a comprehensive guide to mastering backcountry skills / Rick Curtis
  • The backpacker's handbook / Chris Townsend
  • Encyclopedia of outdoor & wilderness skills / Chris Townsend and Annie M. Aggens
  • Walking to Vermont / Christopher S. Wren
  • 2000 Miles to Maine : Adventures on the Appalachian Trail
  • Appalachian Trail (National Geographic)
  • Thru-hiking on the Appalachian Trail
  • Trek : a journey on the Appalachian Trail


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