Link Smorgasbord, October 14 - 20

Stallman: How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand?
I felt this was well laid out and argued, but I am biased towards this side of the arguement.

Books With "Questionable Content" Being Deleted From ebookstores In Sweeping Ban
TL;DR - someone discovered that books labeled as erotica might be smutty and created a huge stink, in the wake of said stink everyone else also overreacted and there was of course collateral damage.

Why Microsoft Word must Die
Charles Stross on Microsoft Word.  Perhaps a bit strongly worded, but well explored and explained as to his reasons behind his stance.

In digital age, librarians are needed more than ever [infographic] 
Great infographic on libraries in a digital age.

How shared endorsements work
Or more importantly, how to turn them off

Coming to an Advertisement Near You…it’s You! 
On further personalization of ads and use of gathered information.

Neil Gaiman “”We have an obligation to tell our politicians the value of reading in creating worthwhile citizens.”"
This is more than just Gaiman talking about why libraries are important, but his words are in here among others.

Parental complaint spurs suspension of book's use at Alamogordo High School
A parent felt that Neverwhere was too adult for her high school age child.  Not linked here but there are some stories about other parents responding with essentially "just because you object doesn't mean you should ruin it for everyone else."  Personally I do believe that Neverwhere is a mature story, but not in terms of "adult content."  It has been a favorite novel of mine since I was in my early teens, and I'm actually not even sure what in the book would push it into the PG13 category if you look for smut or gore.

7 Unconventional Reasons Why You Absolutely Should Be Reading Books
Because I totally need justification to read more.  :D

Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming
More Gaiman, apprently its that sort of week.  A rather fantastic speech about libraries.  I rather do like it when he talks about libraries in general.


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