Link Smorgasbord, October 21 - 27

Google Sparking Interest To Quantum Mechanics With Minecraft
Kinda neat.

Full Screen Mario: Making the Case For Shorter Copyrights
TL;DR - there are some really fantastic things people do just because it is something they love, and that copyright term creates some huge hurdles.  That being said, some people also do things because they want to capitalize on an opportunity.

Call Yourself A Hacker, Lose Your 4th Amendment Rights
Now, I don't call myself a hacker, but that is only because I don't consider myself skilled enough.  That being said I've definitely done things that can be considered 'hacking'.  Hacking isn't just breaking into a secret database.  It's about seeing something and wondering how it works and how to find new operational parameters and options.  That something needs not be a computer system and I think the mindset that goes along with this is an important part of creative exploration.

Mango Languages - Spanish for Librarians
Now my library does have a subscription to Mango Languages, which I think is a great resource to offer.  But the product is not cheap and so is often not something that libraries can afford to offer.  I also know I have forgotten much of what I learned during my six years of Spanish taken in my adolescence.   This little package is free.  I love that a resource like this exists to help librarians better server their patrons.

Troll-Killing Patent Reform One Step Closer
Worth following.

Top US Lobbyist Wants Broadband Data Caps
Ugh.  No.  Please no.

Mass. libraries strikingly free of censorship
I'm totally down with that.

World Book Night
World Book Night is about sharing the love of reading and making reading accessible.  I've signed my library up as a distribution point and will be signing up to give out books.  Check out the list, they have a fantastic selection every year, and it can be lots of fun to give the books out.

32 Books That Will Actually Change Your Life
Some excellent books on this list.

Celebrate Fall with Six Book-Inspired Beers!

Here Is The One Perfect Book For Every Single Myers-Briggs Type
No clue how well matched these are, but some good books on the list.

Get Your Game On @ the library : Collaboration between the Learning Commons and the Office of Information Technology
I'm working with one of the authors of this presentation for a different conference program on gaming in libraries, and I absolutely love what she's done previously.


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