Link Smorgasbord, December 15 - 22

Design flyers to spread the word online
A neat site to create fliers with, I discovered it when someone shared their DIY Cataloging flier. Could be a fun tool to use in the future.

Ron Miller: DRM has always been a horrible idea
Obviously, I'm not a big fan of DRM.  Decent article, though I've noticed a trend to ignore reasons that companies would want DRM, such as deliberately restricting access to their approved channels (and as annoying as it is, sometimes they want that).

Morton Grove Library trustees rejects atheist blogger's donation
From what I can tell this was $3000 with no strings attached, and being an atheist in no way makes someone part of a "hate group."  I've gone through his blog a bit, and it largely seems to be "don't be a jerk" with slightly more focus on churches that have been jerks, but he calls out atheists as well.  Looking more into it, it seems the donator in question regularly raises money for causes, including to help a church clean up graffiti.  Looking into it a little bit more, it seems that being publicly an atheist or even stridently non-religious, raises quite a few eyebrows and has resulted in quite a few rejections of monetary gifts (see In season of giving, atheist groups’ charity rebuffed).  Though it also seems from the forums I'm on that this particular trustee was involved in some other debacles at the library as well.

On Privilege, Intersectionality, and the Librarian Image
An interesting write up on what it means to be in a profession where your professionalism is often based on your appearance and how you fit in with community standards.  Obviously this stands for a number of professions, but librarians are in a professional field that is very much in the public eye.


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