[Book Review] Sheet Pan Suppers

Sheet Pan Suppers : 120 Recipes for Simple, Surprising, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven
/ Molly Gilbert

Sheet Pan Suppers promises to reinvent the "one pot meal" with a sheet pan instead of a pot.  I was expecting reinventions of classic recipes, and keeping within the idea of a one "pot" cooking.  The book sort of delivers, but I was left wanting more from it.  Don't get me wrong, there are a handful of recipes that sound delicious and I will be trying them shortly.  However, overall I found the book lacking in invention.  Many of the recipes are basic, the book relies heavily on pre-made, store-bought components (though I do allow that pre-made components makes for shorter prep time), a number of recipes are multi-pan, and one or two involve cooking outside of the oven.

If you do a lot of cooking, many of the recipes you can look at just the title and the ingredients and know how to cook it.  Sheet Pan Suppers is largely accessible to those with introductory level skills in the kitchen, but the recipes themselves are not necessarily set and forget.  You'll encounter some meals that you can set up and serve when done, others that have several stages of preparation and construction, so the book won't always work as a go-to for someone in a time crunch.  What Sheet Pan Suppers is very good at is creating dishes with good flavor using few pans and with generally simple preparation.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of NetGalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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