[Book Review] Just in Time for a Highlander

Just in Time for a Highlander / Gwyn Cready (Powell's Books)

The closest Duncan MacHarg has ever come to battle is the reenactments he immerses himself into, spending his days working in finance.  Abigail Kerr however, is well acquainted with battle, as she fights to retain leadership of her clan and to maintain its independence from the British.  A useless, cocksure dandy from the 21st century is not what she has in mind when she dreams of a man to serve as her strong arm.  But the magic that summoned Duncan won't be satisfied until he fulfills his service to her, even if it means she must teach him to hold his own amongst life-long warriors and even if it means he must give up everything he comes to care about.

This is a good read for people who like Outlander, but are itching for something a bit sexier and less cerebral.  You have your time travel, your red-heads, your kilts, and the struggles to fit into a drastically different time period.  There's a good bit of sass from both Duncan and Abigail as they figure out their feelings and responsibilities.  Abigail worries about Duncan undermining her authority and reputation.  Duncan puts his foot in his mouth a bit.  But they also manage to pull through and fall into eachother's arms.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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