Virtual Speculation 2015 Picks

So, year one of Virtual Speculation wasn't a resounding success, but at the very least I introduced a number of fantastic books to friends who by and large enjoyed the titles they had the time to read.  I also re-read a bunch of books I really like and used the opportunity to generate discussion prompts for books that largely don't have them.  For various reasons, speculative fiction titles often don't get the book club treatment, and there's some amazing titles out there.

The first year's picks can be found here.

For this year I pulled out a few titles that I read pre-publication review copies of over the course of 2014, and a only a few titles that I had otherwise read prior to now.  I branched out in the selection of titles this year and almost half of them I have never read.  This will be interesting, the first year was based on the the idea that I had so many books that I wanted to share with friends, this year has a bit more exploration.  There are also significantly darker titles picked this year as well as a Chinese science fiction novel.

Reading List for 2015

February: We Are All Completely Fine /Daryl Gregory
March: Blindsight / Peter Watts
April: A Darkling Sea / James L. Cambias
May: The Three-Body Problem / Cixin Liu & Ken Liu (translator)
June: The Killing Moon / N. K. Jemisin
July: The Girl With All The Gifts / M. R. Carey
August: Salt / Adam Roberts
September: The Peripheral / William Gibson
October: Horns / Joe Hill
November: The Martian / Andy Weir
December: The Speed of Dark / Elizabeth Moon


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