[Book Review] The Hookup Hoax

The Hookup Hoax / Heather Thurmeier

Sawyer doesn't do relationships.  He's tried them in the past, but his workaholic tendencies led to the catastrophic end of his last serious relationship, and playboy takes care of that itch just fine.  Then he discovers that his grandparents who raised him are looking to give their lakeside home to either him or his cousin, and his cousin is the one with the family and kids, with the best potential to pass the home down through the family.

When his best friend's little sister shows up - back in the country after five years of traveling the world and in need of a job and an apartment, well, maybe they can help each other out.  Even better, she's not too keen on a relationship either, so playing a part gives her a nice buffer from interested parties while starting her new life.

Except, things don't stay quite as platonic as intended, with growing affection and some incurable lust.

The Hookup Hoax delivers exactly what you expect.  Gorgeous leads, lusty thoughts, and possibly unnecessary complications of their own making.  The story is sweet and a little frustrating (but then, I'm a little over the "overly protective big brother" concept everywhere, not just in romance novels), and leads to a happy ending.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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