Unintentional Radio Silence

So having a full time job is amazingly awesome.  I love not having to worry if I will earn enough to cover my basic cost of living.

But, me being me, just because I started a full time job doesn't mean I feel that I should (or need) to end my various part-time employment work.  After all, no website work had come up in months, and the work at the bookstore is only 15-20 hours a month.

And then I got pulled into a huge website project that's projected to last through June, and am doing a good 20+ hours for that every week on top of my full time job.  Life's a little crazy.

I've got loads of books to finish, reviews to write, and some beer to bottle.  In theory somewhere in all of this I'm going to start being more active, with the target goal of fixing that whole "can't run for shit" problem.

More content will be forthcoming, and maybe I'll learn a lesson about moderation and scheduling in all this.


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