[Book Review] Sarah's Surrender

Sarah's Surrender / Lavinia Kent

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Once upon a time, Miss Sarah Swilp had her heart set on Jonathan Perry, only to be crushed when taking her to bed he declares that he will not marry her.  Hurt and angry, she ended their assignation, and has not seen him since.

Now, Miss Swilp is out of options.  Her father's debts are high, and her list of suitors short.  About to accept an engagement to one of her father's creditors, Sarah encounters Jonathan again, and brings up that night.  One night of pleasure, no strings attached, no marriage expected, no attempts at entrapment.  The attraction still exists, and Jonathan brings more to the table this time around than when they were young and in love the first time around.

Sarah's Surrender largely takes place at Madame Rogue's Gentleman Club, where Sarah and Jonathan dedicate some time and effort to exploring each other.  Jonathan enjoys giving orders, exercising control in the bedroom, something that Sarah feels she should resent but finds oddly thrilling.  Through their play they re-examine that night five years ago, re-evaluate the words once said, and coming to decisions about their lives and relationship.

Ok, so expressing a bit of my own preferences here, but the line "He nipped her hard" in reference to her clitoris, makes me extremely and unhappily uncomfortable.  OW.

That aside, Lavinia Kent consistently delivers spicy erotic historical romance.  A little less spicy than Mastering the Marquess and Bound by Bliss, but still steamy.  This story doesn't have any mustache-twirling villains, just desperation of circumstance, misunderstanding, and some flavoring of unsavory characters, something that I appreciate.  Jonathan and Sarah still hold a torch for each other, even with the anger of misunderstanding still flaring bright, and in the end bringing things to a happy ending.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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