Link Smorgasbord, May 2015

Evaluating Transgender Picture Books; Calling for Better Ones
"After accepting a solo elementary school librarian position, I increased our collection of picture books with transgender protagonists by 400 percent. That is, I purchased four books with transgender characters, and, with approximately 7,000 titles, the library previously had zero."

6 Things Dungeons and Dragons Can Teach You About How To Work A Reference Desk
And the systems that aren't as well organized and indexed (I'm looking at you, Star Wars Saga Edition RPG) are great practice in building a reference index!

So, You Want to Be a Library Director? 
A bit on perhaps some of the more overlooked responsibilities of directorship.

Storing Information In Other People's Heads
On division of cognitive labor.

Exclusive comments, new trailer: anthology horror “VOLUMES OF BLOOD”
I've been following the progress of this film through posts made by a fellow librarian who's library it took place in (and who played of one of the victims).

Library Market Dropbox
A pretty fantastic collection of images used by libraries for social media engagement.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Selects the Eight Books Every Intelligent Person on the Planet Should Read
I have not read most of this list.

21 Literary Sexts For Book Lovers
I feel like I should go read some interesting romantic poetry now.

INFOGRAPHIC: A Map of the Literary Genres

What to read next?

Tanith Lee, 1947-2015
My first introduction to Tanith Lee was The Black Unicorn, which stuck in my mind in particular because of the creature called a "peeve" - intelligent and invasive creatures, one of which in the book could be considered a pet.  So of course that tickled my fancy.

I don’t want to buy books from Amazon anymore!
Introducing bookindy - a pretty cool add-on.


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