Link Smorgasbord, November 2015

ComicBlitz Launches Unlimited Comic Book Subscription Service for the iPad
Pretty cool, but like everything else in the digital reading subscription game, still has a ways to go.

Library Science Fiction: “Tomes and Talismans”
This just sounds super cool to me, some day maybe I'll even have a chance to watch it.

Canva for Nonprofits
Great tool for creating graphic media, now available in full for non-profits.

Entire editorial staff of Elsevier journal Lingua resigns over high price, lack of open access
This... is kind of amazing.

Victory for Users: Librarian of Congress Renews and Expands Protections for Fair Uses
Always a good direction.

2015 World Fantasy Awards Ballot
Sherri S. Tepper won a life-time achievement award!  Also, how did I not realize that this was happening within my range of reasonable to attend events?  AAAAAH!

Anne Frank’s diary in a copyright law paradox 70 years after her death
For those interested in copyright and complications.

This Trunk Stuffed With 17th-Century Letters Is a Historian’s Dream
The archivist in me is drooling over this.

Corporate Internet's persistent identity fetish is killing teens
In the interests of disclosure, I acted as a contributing editor on this, but it's something I think is very important.

How to Fix Everything
On right-to-repair, electronics, waste, and doing it yourself.

AltspaceVR Brings Official Dungeons & Dragons to Social VR
I've got a bunch of friends playing around with this already.


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