Virtual Speculation 2016 Picks

Going forward into year 3!  Trying out a book club community page over at BookLikes, as well as book chatting with good friends.  I'd be totally down to do video chat book discussions again if various interested parties had compatible free time.

I haven't read anything on this list yet (well, I just started Lock In the other day, but it was already on the list beforehand).  Some of these are selected from new releases, some of them I discovered by reading Women in Science Fiction, and several are suggestions from friends.  I haven't even read anything by most of the authors here, but everything I've been reading has me excited to change that.  On average we have some distinctly quicker reads than previous, with some YA, novellas, and short novels thrown into the mix.

February: Lock In / John Scalzi
March: Midnight Robber / Nalo Hopkinson
April: Shadowshaper / Daniel Jose Older
May: Boy, Snow, Bird / Helen Oyeyemi
June: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever / James Tiptree, Jr (Alice Sheldon)
July:  Lexicon / Max Barry
August: Dawn / Octavia Bulter
September: Time Salvager / Wesley Chu
October: Dark Orbit / Carolyn Ives Gilman
November: The Snow Queen / Joah D. Vinge
December: The Emperor's Soul / Brandon Sanderson


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