[Book Review] Her Fantasy Husband

Her Fantasy Husband / Nina Croft

Nearly five years ago Alexia and Josh married and went their separate ways.  The pretense of their marrage allowed Alexia to gain control of her trust fund from a family that wanted it for their own squandering, and Josh was paid well for his participation, money that ultimately went into the founding of his own security company.

A near brush with death makes Josh re-evaluate his life, and inspires him to break free from his marriage arrangement so he can pursue relationships.  Expecting to find a rich girl living the high life, he instead finds a young woman dedicated to helping others, and one who cannot let him end the marriage for another six months.

They're both in for a contest of wills... and libido.

This book made for a sweet, sexy read.  You can't really call it insta-love when they've been married for over four years.  The book has snappy pacing, and the "villains" don't read as overly charactured.  I do question some of the details, among other things I cannot be convinced that it's a good idea to keep a chicken in one's kitchen, though Prudence did facilitate some delightful silly details.  Overall, quite enjoyable.

Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Brazen (Entangled Publishing) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.


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