[Book Review] Tales of Honor Vol 1 & 2

Tales of Honor Volume 1: On Basilisk Station / Matt Hawkins and Sang Il-Jeong (ill)

On Basilisk Station starts out in the middle of the seventh book in the series In Enemy Hands, with Honor held prisoner of Haven.  Tried and sentenced to execution for war crimes by Haven, and kept in isolation, Honor has little to do but reflect on the course of events that led her to where she is now.  The first step in that journey are the events of On Basilisk Station.

Pretty solid adaptation, with a gorgeous art highlighting the sheer scale that we're dealing with.

Tales of Honor Volume 2: Bred to Kill / Matt Hawkins, Dan Wickline, and Linda Sejic (ill)

Bred to Kill launches a new story, one that reminds me of the a bit of the Crown of Slaves companion series with details familiar to some of Honors adventures.  In this Honor takes some leave while her ship is in space dock to seek out a missing uncle.  Her search takes her to the gambling station of Eros and finds her involved with a mission to liberate genetics slaves.

Slightly different art style, but not so dissimilar that Honor is unrecognizable.  Less of a focus on ships and space, but on the characters and the environment they occupy.  I vastly prefer this rendition of Nimitz over that of On Basilisk Station.  We also get more of Honor's dry wit that is present in the novels, but significantly less present in Volume 1.

Definitely fits well within the Honorverse while adding a new story to the tales of Honor Harrington.
Advance Reader Copy courtesy of Image Comics in exchange for an honest review; changes may exist between galley and the final edition.


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