Catching up around town

Game four was pretty low key, with our party being made up of neophyte gamers, one of the more experienced (and troublemaking) players absent, and of course it being a town game.

I know that town games can get quite complicated when players go looking for trouble.  These did not seek out trouble... though thanks to a player joke given the right situation they may have to make saving throws against carousing in the future.

Largely they went to their various guild halls or appropriate related place of learning and studied.  In the fighter's case this was to take part in the local (sanctioned) fight club run by a healing temple.  Yes, I totally cribbed that from Critical Role.  Deal with it.  I like the idea and I was pretty sure at least one of my players would chose to interact with it.  I did use the player supplied name suggestion of "Jabrony" for the fighting partner, and I now know there is such a term as "jabrony," and that it has nothing to do with My Little Pony.  Also, my players now know that "brony" is a thing, so we all learned something.

They dickered for their lodgings, and struck a deal contingent on the bard performing.  Let's just say his attempt at performing nearly didn't go so well.  A mix of fails and botches, and then an incredible save have him starting out horrible, falling off the stage, and managing to pass it off as "deliberate."  There were some fun failures.

Eventually I managed railroad them to a plot nexus since there wasn't enough exploring to trigger any plot beyond me dropping something in their laps, and off to the Freelancer's Hall (that their ride to town explicitly told them about...).  This I stocked with a bunch of potential threads, including several that would go to the same knot, but the one posted by a dryad complaining of a blight caught the druid's eye, so yay.

So game five involves going into the spooky forest where something is amiss.  Also, welcome to level three.


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