Link Smorgasbord, February & March 2016

Cause I had 3 links total for February.  Various side projects are keeping me a bit busy.

179. Goblins, Magical Librarians, and Fantasy Writing: An Interview with Jim C. Hines
Fun interview with an awesome author.

Zoe Quinn: Why I Just Dropped The Harassment Charges The Man Who Started GamerGate.
Her reasons are completely understandable, but it's still heartbreaking.  The whole situation is heartbreaking.  Of course, even if she didn't drop the charges and ended up with a win I think people would still see to it that it was a loss.

The Big Idea: Victor LaValle
I'm dying to read The Ballad of Black Tom, everything I hear about it sounds amazing.  For some reason no library in my consortium of 155 libraries has it.  I have recommended it as a purchase at my library to fix this.  Here LaValle talks about dealing with the realization that a literary idol is problematic.

Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
Charles Stross talking about Space Opera.

E-book seller Nook pulls out of UK
Well now...

Why Does the Enterprise Have Anyone Aboard?
Allen Steele talking about science fiction expectations and conventions, the science behind space travel, and how he tries to address that in his writing.  I haven't read Arkwright yet, but I can say from experience that he does pretty fantastic near-space hard science fiction.

The Monster in the Mirror: On Horror, Disability, and Loving Both at Once
Fantastic read.  Also happens to tie into an area of interest of mine and may get referenced in conference presentations.

After “Ever After” — An Interview with Seanan McGuire and Lee Harris
I can't get enough of this book, I absolutely love it.  I've been waiting for months since I reviewed it for it to come out so that other people can read it.

5 Major Hospital Hacks: Horror Stories from the Cybersecurity Frontlines
Or in other words, why some of us are pretty damn squirrely about digital data storage.

Your Data Footprint Is Affecting Your Life In Ways You Can't Even Imagine
"Imagine you’re moving apartments and shopping for new furniture at a couple of stores. You see a couch you like, but you’re not sure, so you leave thinking maybe you’ll return another day. But that couch doesn’t take well to rejection. It gets up, leaves the store, and starts following you around as you shop elsewhere and even after you go home having purchased a different couch. Then you start getting offers in the mail for new mattresses."
What it's like to be a deaf novelist
Worth reading.

Google Embraces Version of Right to be Forgotten
Some news in Europe in the push and shove with Google over citizen privacy.

1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide
Fantastic resource

These unlucky people have names that break computers
Really interesting

Notice and Takedown in Everyday Practice
Looking at the 20 years of DMCA


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