Upcoming, but not New Year's resolutions

I hope everyone had the type of New Year's celebration they wanted.

There is no LotR chapter today, my partner in crime has had a hell of a last week of the year and declared this week a hiatus.  We'll continue with Return of the King next week.

Romance Book Bingo starts today.  Thank god, I have a stack of romance novels from the library that I've deliberately not read, and usually they're next day returns.  There's definitely a few squares that I'm not going to actively seek out filling, but if I come across them I'll go with it.

Coming up in a few weeks is Arisia, I'll be moderating two panels on the 14th and spending the rest of the convention largely in the background of things.
Disability in Speculative Fiction, Saturday, 2:30 PM
SFF doesn't always represent people with disabilities well. A flawed model for dealing with disability in SF is that technology is a panacea that can be always, desireably, and often preemptively applied to disabled people. But there are other stories to tell and panelists will describe them and point out examples.

(I'd like to note that the fact I've used this exact title presenting at conferences is completely unrelated to the title of this panel, that's just happenstance that myself and whoever suggested this panel came up with the same title). 

Late Night Sexy Comics, Saturday, 10:00PM
Comics have a long, risqué history and that's absolutely worth celebrating. Come share some of your favorite comics smut, learn about some new ones you haven't heard of, and most importantly have a good, inclusive time. 18+ only.
Finally, at the end of the month is the second Ink LARP game, Curtain Call.

So, I guess I'll be busy for January no matter what.


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