Silmarillion Blues : Quenta Silmarillion : V. Of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalië

This week, a picture says a thousand words.

The divisions between the Elves partially came down to luck, which I have various grumbly feelings about.  That those who were too far away to hear Ulmo's summons are a sub-classification in terms of Elven standing and lore is a bit snobbish.  Especially since the Valar could have reunited the groups much earlier than they did.

That being said, residing in Valinor and among the Valar wrought changes on the Quendi, so there is reason behind the division between the different groups.  And, while I generally bitch about the Valar failing their duties, even those doing some of them, Ulmo actually does seem to take care of the Elves, including forming an island for the Teleri and their love of the sea.  The Valar variously had their favorites, those inline with their own inclinations.  After all, they are only fallible, so such a human favoritism is almost to be expected.  But to their favorites they impart knowledge, wisdom, and skills, enriching the Calaquendi.

For those in Valinor, there was the White Tree and it's light.  Their love so strong that Yavanna made them their own Tree in it's image, a tree that does not shed light, yet loved none the less.  That tree and it's seedlings, including the white Tree of Numenor, are loved, but loved I feel more for their creation as an act of kindness and affection, and for their resemblance to the White Tree itself.  But remember as well that at this time Middle Earth still exists in a perpetual twilight.  Love and veneration of the White Tree is akin to veneration of the Sun.  It would be stranger if they didn't hold the Tree as sacred.  It also bears remembering that Elves are functionally immortal, so there are Elves who beheld the Light of the Tree at large during the time of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings who remember a time before there was sunlight.  I feel like that's worthy of dwelling on.


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