Silmarillion Blues

Silmarillion Blues is a long-term group read and literary analysis project focusing on Tolkien's Middle Earth novels that started in August 2015.  The core discussion takes place over on BookLikes, where the participating bloggers share their posts, thoughts, or just lurk and read.  We started with The Hobbit, and at a rate of a chapter a week, will eventually make our way through the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then move on to the other Middle Earth titles, with an ultimate goal of finishing with The Silmarillion.

My reviews of the The Hobbit, Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King include comparisons to the Peter Jackson films as well as illustrations from the Alan Lee illustrated editions of the books that I read from.  If I acquire further Alan Lee illustrated Tolkien books, those will be used when the time comes as well.

The Hobbit : An Expected Journey

Chapter 1 - An Unexpected Party
Chapter 2 - Roast Mutton
Chapter 3 - A Short Rest
Chapter 4 - Over Hill and Under Hill
Chapter 5 - Riddles in the Dark
Chapter 6 - Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire
Chapter 7 - Queer Lodgings
Chapter 8 - Flies and Spiders
Chapter 9 - Barrels Out of Bond
Chapter 10 - A Warm Welcome
Chapter 11 - On the Doorstep
Chapter 12 - Inside Information
Chapter 13 - Not at Home
Chapter 14 - Fire and Water
Chapter 15 - The Gathering of the Clouds
Chapter 16 - A Thief in the Night
Chapter 17 - The Clouds Burst
Chapter 18 - The Return Journey
Chapter 19 - The Last Stage

Lord of the Rings : Fellowship of the Read

Book One
Chapter 1 - A Long-expected Party
Chapter 2 - The Shadow of the Past
Chapter 3 - Three is Company
Chapter 4 - A Short Cut to Mushrooms
Chapter 5 - A Conspiracy Unmasked
Chapter 6 - The Old Forest
Chapter 7 - In the House of Tom Bombadil
Chapter 8 - Fog on the Barrow-downs
Chapter 9 - At the Sign of The Prancing Pony
Chapter 10 - Strider
Chapter 11 - A Knife in the Dark
Chapter 12 - Flight to the Ford
Book Two
Chapter 1 - Many Meetings
Chapter 2 - The Council of Elrond
Chapter 3 - The Ring Goes South
Chapter 4 - A Journey in the Dark
Chapter 5 - The Bridge of Khazad-dum
Chapter 6 - Lothlorien
Chapter 7 - The Mirror of Galadriel
Chapter 8 - Farewell to Lorien
Chapter 9 - The Great River
Chapter 10 - The Breaking of the Fellowship

Lord of the Rings : The Towering Read

Book Three
Chapter 1 - The Departure of Boromir


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