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For me, ultimately pursuing both a degree and career in Library Science was something of an inevitability.  I came to continuing my education by repeatedly coming up short when finding library jobs that looked awesome, but required a degree that I did not possess.  Enough of that led me to decide that maybe I should remedy that lack, and off I went with the end result of where I am today.

I believe it is a distinctly good sign that you are in the right field of study when you enjoy the homework and assignments given (stress and confusion aside).  But that wasn't what really clued me into that I had found the perfect occupation to pursue.  No, that moment came when I found a posting on the GSLIS West Office Job Board for what amounted to a Star Wars Librarian for LucasFilm.  As this was my first semester in library school and the job was on the other side of the country, there were a few road blocks in pursuing the position.  Regardless, it stands out as one of the coolest jobs I've encountered.

Last week, I came across another job to add to my list of favorites.  Blizzard is hiring an Associate Librarian & Archivist:
We’re seeking an eager new librarian to join the Blizzard Vault team. Reporting to the manager of the Blizzard Vault, the associate librarian and archivist will work with the existing librarian to handle much of the day-to-day responsibilities of the Blizzard Entertainment library, as well as basic tasks in the Blizzard Entertainment archives. The ideal candidate will have experience in a library or archive, and will be passionate and knowledgeable about Blizzard Entertainment games.

  • Manage day-to-day circulation of the on-site library at the Irvine Campus.
  • Perform basic cataloging, storage, and retrieval of physical and digital items in the library and archives.
  • Provide in-person and email reference services to Blizzard Vault users.
  • Assist the existing librarian and archivist to perform collections planning and deaccessioning.
  • Follow established Blizzard Entertainment processes for effective library and archive management.
  • Give outstanding customer service to Blizzard Vault users.
  • Perform other duties for the Blizzard Vault team as required.
  • A Master’s Degree in Library Science or Archives management, or equivalent experience
  • Desire to build a career outside of the traditional academic or library track
  • Experience working in a library or archive
  • Absolute passion for Blizzard Entertainment games
  • Experience working with a digital asset management system such as Canto Cumulus
  • Technical experience, such as scripting, programming, or database work
Downsides: the job is in California and the applicant pool for this position will be HUGE.  I also have no idea what the employment package includes and if there would be any chance of a relocation stipend.

I cannot imagine not applying for this job.  Moving across the country would not be a simple relocation as I am in a long-term relationship.  However not taking the chance to at least see what could happen would be foolish.  Just the experience of going through Blizzard's interviewing and screening process has the potential to be fascinating and educational.  The responsibilities in a different setting fall directly into my experience and skills set, and I'm solid on the requirements.  My MLS is with an Archives concentration and I spend way to much of my free time immersed in Blizzard's products.  Working in a specialized library collection that directly aligns with my interests would be a dream job.

This is just one job.  There are library jobs all across the spectrum:
You can even work abroad as a Foreign Service Information Resource Officer for the Department of State.

I'm just scratching the surface here.  When it comes down to it, if there is a concentrated area of interest there very well may be a librarian-related job.  Large corporations need records managers.  Hospitals, research institutions, defense companies often have libraries.  An archivist may end up a curator, a librarian may end up classifying and organizing internet data, being a librarian by no means limits you to lending best-sellers even in a traditional library.  Libraries and librarians are about preservation, discovery, and distribution of information, which to me makes for a pretty cool profession.


  1. Hi! I came across your blog while I was googling about the Blizzard job you just wrote about -- actually it makes me wonder if they really do have a big pool of applicants, since the job was posted back in like December too. I know not many of the classmates I knew would even touch computer "nerdy" things with a ten foot pole, so I hope you've applied for the job since you meet all the requirements! That job at LucasFilm sounds amaaaaaaazing....I wish (or maybe not, lol) that I had seen the posting! So many things come up that make me drool, that I know I'm in the right profession. :D

    1. Well, I put in my application early March and haven't heard back in any capacity, including "we found someone else" so perhaps they just take their time. Either way, it's a fun job to dream about.

  2. I came here with the same process... Damn, I have tons of experience, but no Master... Soon Blizzard, soon... You can't run forever from me


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