I'm a bit of a geek.  And by "bit of a geek" I mean for years my main hangout was in a gaming store, I play RPGs, I LARP, I play card and board games, I play World of Warcraft, and was proposed to through Team Fortress 2 and thought it was awesome (once I stopped laughing).  I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and yes, I am still upset that Firefly was canceled after one season.

I've actually got reason to be grateful to Wil Wheaton, and that's because he started doing this awesome little web series called TableTop on Geek and Sundry in which he and some awesome people play games.  This little web series got my other half interested in the games they were playing (a bunch of which I already owned), and now we're regularly having friends over to play games.  In conjunction they're putting together a thing called International Table Top Day to encourage people to have an awesome time.

Did you know your library might have some really awesome games available for ciruclation?  Like Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne.  Also, we may have some RPG handbooks (D&D 3.5 or World of Darkness anyone?  Also, don't forget Dungeon Mastering for Dummies).  If you didn't know, it's worth checking out.  If your library doesn't have games that you'd like to borrow that you think would work well, we do take suggestions.  We might not always implement them, but we do try to meet demand in what we lend.

In a similar trend, there is also such a thing as International Games Day @ your library.  This occurs in November, but I've been badgering staff about this event for the past few years.  We had some involvement this past year, but it overlapped with a big event we had going on.  This year, I'm already steering us towards the event, and will be making contact with some local gaming stores to see if perhaps we can get some events going on in conjunction with local gamers (maybe a Munchkin or Magic the Gathering tournament).  In house we have some board games and video games, but there will be more on what we'll be plotting as the date approaches.

Onwards to fun times!


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