Thank you, enthusiastic library patron.

Sometimes feedback is just awesome:

The blur is the patron name, the visible name is the book's author.
Regardless of how much some of us may complain about things patrons may do (why is there peanut butter on the DVD, and do we really want the answer?), the frustrations are not the whole of the job.  Librarians work in a public service occupation, we largely like helping people and providing our various services.  We get verbal praise and feedback and that's always awesome.  Stuff like this note that you find on your desk or in your inbox are just amazing.  Perhaps its something about the effort, the deliberate thought, and the sheer tangibility of it.  It even beats the emails that are sent to the director by a patron in praise of a job well done (also, less embarrassing because I don't first read it on the staff mailing list).  I've acquired a small collection of thank you cards since I started at my library, this is joining the pile.

Also, in my mind the title of this blog post is sung like the Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" commercials.


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