[Book Review] The Camelot Code

The Camelot Code / Mari Mancusi

When Sophie uses a secret code for her favorite game, an Arthurian legend MMO, she never expected to be sent back in time and meet the yet-to-be-crowned Arthur and the wizard Merlin.  Then when Arthur ends up in her time there's no time to find him, bringing Sophie's best friend Stuart in to act as a double until she can bring Arthur home.

Only, Arthur might just find he's far happier in the modern world, perhaps fitting in with others for the first time of his life.  Can Sophie and Stu manage to fill his shoes in the past so that the present isn't lost forever?  Can they bring Arthur back to his kingdom?  It'll take medieval magic and 20th century magic for them to stay atop this challenge.

As it turns out, this book just wasn't my bag.  That being said, I can definitely see this book being enjoyed by its intended audience.  I just apparently am not one to really enjoy a romance story aimed at elementary school kids.

The story is cute, the romance is sweet (if fraught with misunderstanding born of uncertainty and shyness), and the narrative decently paced.

I like that no one instantly understands what to do when plopped into a culture several centuries removed from their own time.  There is a decent job done handling different view points.

The plot itself is relatively straightforward, with a flavor of A Kid in King Arthur's Court.  The ill-intentioned characters clearly non-sympathetic.  Some of the technology details are a little mussed, though the idea of Merlin being overly into MMOs amuses me.

This would be a good read for kids in the 10 - 13 age range.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of NetGalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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