Updating OverDrive Media Console Tip

Working from home today I decided to grab an audio book from my library's OverDrive collection.  Generally when using OverDrive audiobooks I limit myself to mp3 so that I can load the files onto my tablet and listen to in the car.  Since I'm on my home computer, a wma wouldn't be an issue.

So when I go to actually use OverDrive Media Console I find out there's an update available (3.2 to 3.0).  And things didn't work quite as planned.

Issue One - choosing the option to update just opens a new browser window to my homepage.

Solution - go directly to http://omc.overdrive.com/ and choose the correct version

Issue Two - something went wrong during the install involving a .dll and other sundry.  Retrying the install doesn't work, continuing the install doesn't work, and canceling the install leaves you with a broken install of ODMC 3.2

Solution - uninstall ODMC, then rerun the install package.  If you are not familiar with uninstalling software (for Windows 7 users) go to Control Panel - Programs (Uninstall a Program or through Programs and Features), find the program on the programs list, click on it to select it, then press the Uninstall button above the list.


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