[Book Review] Dresden Files: War Cry

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files : War Cry / Jim Butcher & Carlos Gomez (Powell's Books)

For fans of the Dresden File this is a great addition, but probably should be read slightly outside of the chronological order of the books unless you don't mind a spoiler for Turn Coat.  We all know that Harry gets up to all sorts of things between books, sometimes these other adventures are even referenced, but it takes short stories and comic book arcs to fill in the details.

War Cry features a story of Dresden on a mission as a Warden during the war with the Red Court, something we don't get to see much in the novels.  We also really don't get to see Dresden often in the role of group leader and mentor to a group of powerful young wizards, something that has a slightly different dynamic than when he works with Murphy, Michael, the Alphas, or even Molly.  Even better than all of that for me is that we get more about the Outsiders, and it turns out that they are explicitly Lovecraftian in nature.  Awesome (I have a weak spot for eldritch horrors that man is not meant to know).

The story told in this graphic novel is a good addition to the tales of Harry Dresden.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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