[Book Review] Protecting His Witch

Protecting His Witch / Zoe Forward

Kat Ramsey is happy living a normal life and working as a veterinarian, but life just isn't quite normal for her.  She can pick up on thoughts and has this unwanted (and uncontrolled) tendency to dimension shift.  Most of the time, however, she keeps things under control.  But one night she ends up dimension hopping right into a high-end benefit dinner, that just happens to be hosted by a one-night stand from college that she can't forget.  Unfortunately she also can't forget how things ended, with his screaming girlfriend showing up and her ending up in the hallway of the dorm, naked.

Matthew Ryan has money, power, and looks.  But ever since the disastrous end to the best night of his life, he's had this curse hanging over his love life.  When Kat stumbles into his life again his first thought is to get out of the curse... an intent largely subsumed by his attraction to her.  Now he has to keep her safe and help her learn what she is, with the clock running against them and lust running high.

First off, I have to say I don't think I've yet to read a romance novel with a dominant alpha male lead who cares as much about her consent as Matthew does in this book.  Rock on, Matthew.  Kat takes it a little amiss that she's being turned down, but I'm wholly siding with Matthew who's worried that she's acting on the tails of an adrenaline rush (after being abducted, concussed, nearly killed, and then rescued).
"Tell me you want this."  His eyes were so dilated that the blue was almost lost...

"I need to know you want this, wildcat.  And that you're okay. That your arm doesn't hurt too much.  That your head is OK from yesterday."  He rained kisses from her ear to her collarbone.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an author making affirmative consent both in the moment and sexy.  Actually, there's a bit more to the passage that makes it hot and heavy, that edit cuts most of it out.

There's good push and pull between Matthew and Kat.  Attraction and misunderstanding warring as the two of them work through their past, their feelings, and who they both actually are.  The sexual tension between the two is palatable, but not assumed.  When they get down to it the scenes are steamy.  Additionally, there is good play between the protagonists and other characters in the story, and of course, some set up for a future book's love match.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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