Link Smorgasbord, September 2014

Rupert Giles, MLS
A class listing for how to be as awesome as Giles.

Radical Librarianship: how ninja librarians are ensuring patrons' electronic privacy
On what fellow librarians have been getting up to in this state.  Makes me miss being in a position to actually have some say over efforts like this.

5 Ways Colorado Libraries Are Going Beyond Books
From streaming content to skulls, libraries are more than books.

Analysis of Privacy Leakage on a Library Catalog Webpage
Something I think we need to be watching out for as librarians.  We try to protect privacy, but we need to make sure we're doing what we can across all of our services.

Sign-Up Selfies: How Patrons #GetCarded at Escondido Public Library
Fun (and simple) library sign-up activity that doubles as community connection and outreach.

Libraries Balk at OverDrive Changes
Of course we balk, because we don't know if it's actually an improvement (privacy speaking) over the old system.  Now, there are issues with the whole Adobe ID thing, but from what I've read the OverDrive change doesn't necessarily remove Adobe from the equation, and if you read from a number of digital platforms, and Adobe ID can actually serve as a universal ID.  Personally, I'm dubious about if this is better overall, though it does seem to be an easier registration system for borrowing just through OverDrive.

Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming
Not a new article, but one I really enjoy.  Possibly one I've posted before but I can't really remember.

Younger Americans and Public Libraries : How those under 30 engage with libraries and think about libraries’ role in their lives and communities
A nicely granular examination of use by 'younger' American library users, with some indications that libraries are considered just as important as ever, if not more, by the younger users.

Damn You Auto Suggest
Auto-suggest failures from library catalogs and databases.  Some of these are killing me.

The Future of The Future of Books
Pretty awesome article on the "future of books" (and for all that it's on BuzzFeed it is not a list of photos with captions).

Please Stop “Celebrating” Banned Books Week
This has a great point.  By "celebrating" Banned Books Week we are creating a situation where-in the scandal is advertisement.  We need to remember to make Banned Books Week about intellectual freedom, about why we fight against censorship, and to open discussions on freedom of thought and learning.

'Bookcycle' peddles a new take on feminism
The "Feminist Library on Wheels."

Unshelved Goes Digital
A project to release ebooks of a really fun library related comic, with an adorably cute Card Catalog USB drive and stretch goals that involve making these ebooks free to libraries to loan.  The folks that write Unshelved are really awesome folks as well.


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