[Book Review] Strong Female Protagonist : Book One

Strong Female Protagonist : Book One / Mulligan, Brennan Lee and Osterta, Molly

What happens when the "super heroes" and "arch villains" step back from their battles and ask "what am I doing?"  Who is damaged in the fall out of the crimes the heroes stop?  Are they actually making the world a better place?

For years, teenaged Alison Green fought crime as Mega Girl. Super speed and strength, flying, and impervious to damage.  Then a villain showed her a possible conspiracy, eliminating the nascent "biodynamics" with powers to literally make the world a better place, while leaving others.  How does the ability to beat up a giant robot matter in the larger scheme of things?  Alison is now trying to learn who she is beyond a "super hero," try to find a way to actually make the world a better place, and to figure out what it means to do the right thing.


Strong Female Protagonist started out as a webcomic, and recently the artists published the first volume of the story.

I now have another webcomic added to my reading list.

Strong Female Protagonist tells a fantastic story, exploring not just Alison's efforts to understand her place in the world, but socio-political issues we face every day.  She must learn to look at issues as more than black and white, deal with fear of what she is, and callous or fearful inaction of normal life.

Advanced Reader Copy copy courtesy of Netgalley; differences may exist between uncorrected galley text and the final edition.


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