Link Smorgasbord, November 2014

Reading Privacy Enables Reader Sharing
On privacy and e-reading.

If your website still uses HTTP, the X-UIDH header has turned you into a snitch
About privacy, HTTP/HTTPS, and online tracking.

Preventing Digital Decay
A lot of people are shocked that as a relatively technology savvy person and as someone under 30 that I think microfilm is awesome.  The reason I think microfilm is awesome is for all of its limitations it is a stable method for archiving.

I'm really glad that the challenges of digital preservation are getting more attention.  The fact that you cannot rely on just shoving a photo somewhere on your hard drive and expect it to be readable in 10 years is really important for people to be aware of.

Internet Speculative Fiction Databse
A FANTASTIC resource for fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and other related genres that fall under the Speculative Fiction umbrella.

War Ink : See Their Ink.  Hear Their Stories
"The War Ink virtual exhibit is a partnership between the Contra Costa County Library, a collective of California's major library systems, and Jason Deitch, a former Army medic and military sociologist."

Book News: Ursula K. Le Guin Steals The Show At The National Book Awards
I am very fond of Ursula K. Le Guin.  She is a brilliant author with a high intelligence and wit.  So this speech just made me even happier.  For those who aren't familiar with her work she wrote the Earthsea books, as well as numerous other Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.  We have her to thank for coining the term "ansible" in her 1966 novel Rocannon's World, a FTL communication device that appears again and again within the Science Fiction genre.

Awful Library Books
There are some utterly amazing books on this site.  A lot of them are odd erotica stories (many involving humans getting it on with dragons), others are victims of changing social norms, or are poorly conceived, and some are the victims of poor title or cover art choices.  I however want to buy Dragons Love Tacos for everyone I know with small children, and I have this site to thank for introducing this book to me.


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