Spoilers, Sweetie

I'll be starting up as a contributor over at 5 Minute Librarian's Spoilers, Sweetie new review feature.  

By and large, these reviews won't be showing up on this blog - I try to avoid spoilers as a courtesy, and they'll be conveniently held on a blog specifically for spoilers.  This doesn't mean I won't link to my content over there, but at that point you will have been warned that I'm ruining the surprise.

Right now we (the various contributors) are picking from a list of book award winners.  I have my name down for Three Body Problem, Saga, and Lock-In.  Something will be up within the next two weeks for these (hey, deadlines!).

Interestingly enough, I did say at the beginning of the year one of my goals was to be published somewhere, and then as life tipped back into insanity I let that slide.  This kind of does meet that goal in an almost trollish way.


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