So much for taking it easy

A few months ago, I mused that I had a lot going on.  Truth be told... I did.  Maybe that led indirectly to the misjudgements of time and work load that led to where I am now.  Whoops.

Gaming-wise things have quieted down... with some regular contributions to the monthly Sabbat game I help run, and apparently writing Regional Plot when I get horrible ideas for our monthly Space game (that I do not help run).  I am attached to a few large projects, but they're on the back burner until things kick off in a bit.  Thankfully.  Panic for all of that is due to start this summer most likely.

Professionally things are quite interesting.  I'm in the middle of trying to write (and appropriately beat into shape) an essay for a professional publication on immersive play in libraries.  I was hoping to have it already done but things keep being busier than expected.  On top of that next month I'm giving a webinar on disability representation in libraries.  This shouldn't be a big deal, I've certainly presented on the topic at conferences multiple times, but the format change feels significant.  So I'm in the process of distilling, refining, and expanding my previous conference presentations.

Last week I ran a block of escape room programming at a local library with another library booked for April.  I'm slated to write a Star Wars themed one for home library use, likely in early May, and have a tentative booking for that one already as part of a local library's summer reading program.

I'm also slated to talk at our statewide Library conference this Spring on two different topics, escape rooms and fanfiction.  I have a good scaffold in my head for the escape room talk, have a really awesome potential co-presenter.  For fanfiction I still need to work out with the head of that panel how we're tackling the topic, but we've shared some of our initial thoughts on content and we just need to start shaping it.

So one cluster of projects should clear up just in time for another one to kick off.  Upside is increased creative outlets and productivity, downside is less time for reading and reviewing.  Some other developments on the horizon, but those may or may not pan out.  It's definitely fun to have my personal interests and hobbies overlap with my professional life, but it also interferes a wee bit with work/life balance.  On the other hand, I love what I'm doing and all these pieces I'm juggling.


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