[Book Review] Brewing Made Easy : A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Beer at Home

Brewing made easy : a step-by-step guide to making beer at home / Dennis and Joe Fisher (Microcosm Publishing, Powell's Books)
Brew your first batch today!

It's fun, the beer tastes great, and with the easy-to-follow instructions, it's as simple as picking up an equipment kit and a bag of brewing ingredients and opening to the first chapter. Homebrewing brothers Joe and Dennis Fisher guide you through every step of making your first and second batches, and then they set you free to explore and create. Work your way through the 25 recipes the Fishers provide, or use the charts and tables in chapter 3 to design your own formulations.
This is the "how to brew" book that I wish came with my brew kit.  I am grateful to this book for dispelling a few misunderstandings I had gathered from my initial reading of other materials, and for generally explaining brewing in an easy to understand, direct manner.  This book will guide you through a first batch, offers a range of recipes for further brewing, and even offers guidance for creating your own recipes and blends.


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