Fun with "sexy" covers

Right now I completely adore Jim C. Hines.  I need familiarity with more of Jim C. Hines' work, but I enjoy what I have read, finding it both creative and funny.  I read a ridiculous amount, and I will be the first to admit that I regularly laugh at the covers of novels (particularly sci-fi and fantasy novels).  Now add in my for things such as Men-Ups and you'll soon understand this facet of my adoration.

Yes, he decided to examine, through experience, the ridiculousness that makes up book cover model poses.

It's not just women that are given ridiculous representation on novels, have you ever looked at romance novel covers (though often they are in slightly more comfortable poses)?

Here we have the "glistening chest/nostril shot."  In fact, there are LOTS of glistening chest covers, both with and without faces.
Again, another example of cropping right above the nostril, however he got to keep his shirt.  So I feel I need to follow it up with another shirtless cover.
Here we have a implied coitus cover, but I have no clue where his legs are.  I mean, seriously, it almost looks like he's standing.  On closer inspection I realize the shadow behind her might be his legs.  This cover also brings up a pet peeve of mine... this is a "historical romance" but there is nothing "historical" about her lingerie.

For some reason a lot of covers with similar poses seem to have his face in her neck.

This is actually a nice selection showcasing most of the classic covers, mostly missing a woman pressed against a manly chest with pecs larger than her head.

For the most part they just get to stand there and look pretty, minus the contortion.  I'm not a big romance reader, though I've begun exploring the genre through the Vaginal Fantasy Bookclub as I love the people running it and love their book discussions.  Definitely a bit embarassed by some of the covers on titles I have to request through ILL.  When I'm lucky we have them on the shelves or in ebook


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