Corey Doctorow - A Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond

I fully admit to my abiding interest in copyright, DRM, privacy, and many problems related.  Corey Doctorow's understanding and ability to explain these topics makes my attempts to elucidate feel like the type of mocked verbal fumbles by pageant contestants.  Needless to say I was very excited when an annual online summit I attend announced that Corey Doctorow was their keynote speaker.  And then they experienced extreme technical difficulties preventing the speech, though some of the attendees and all of the organizers got to hear him recite The Jabberwocky.

Well, happily he did the speech for the Library of Congress as well, and that speech is here for everyone to listen to.

If you've ever wondered why DRM, copyright, or privacy matters so much to me, or if are just curious, please listen.  For me it was an overwhelming experience of "that's exactly it."

Library of Congress Webcast, including a transcript: A Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond


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