Link Smorgasbord, May 20-26

Book Inspired Makeup
Some pretty and themed ways that someone with something resembling skill with makeup (not me) can adorn themselves.

A Calendar of Tales
I think I'm about to give in and create a tag for Neil Gaiman.

"Take a journey across timescapes and angry seas. Here lie twelve tales of magic rings and
long-lost relatives, pirate ships and haunted forests, written by Neil, inspired
and illustrated by you."

A PDF of all the stories (and their inspiring tweets) can be found here but I recommend exploring the website as well to see all the art and to listen to Gaiman read the stories.

The "Don't Be A Dick" Public License
This makes me happy.  Also see the WTFPL.
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long as the name is changed.
  1. Do whatever you like with the original work, just don't be a dick.
    Being a dick includes - but is not limited to - the following instances:
    1a. Outright copyright infringement - Don't just copy this and change the name.
    1b. Selling the unmodified original with no work done what-so-ever, that's REALLY being a dick.
    1c. Modifying the original work to contain hidden harmful content. That would make you a PROPER dick.
  2. If you become rich through modifications, related works/services, or supporting the original work, share the love. Only a dick would make loads off this work and not buy the original works creator(s) a pint.
  3. Code is provided with no warranty. Using somebody else's code and bitching when it goes wrong makes you a DONKEY dick. Fix the problem yourself. A non-dick would submit the fix back.
Amazon’s Kindle Worlds: Instant Thoughts
Scalzi pretty much covers how I feel about this.

National Day of Civic Hacking
This is about hacking as a form of positive making and creating, and about hacking as a crowd-sourced effort. 

No Return eBook Lending
About eBook lending and the possibilities.

Does Piracy Impact Sales? Not How You Might Think!
For me not really any surprises here, but always nice to see something else along these lines.

Blood Kiss 
A Kickstarter to fund a movie starring Neil Gaiman and Amber Benson and written by Michael Reaves.  Due to Parkinson's Reaves has difficulty speaking and while he can still write, his writing speed has decreased, and the vampire story market is rather bloated at the moment.  So to get the story made he talked to some awesome friends to get it off the ground but it still needs capital.  They're really close to the first solid goal of $50,000 which is "we will make this movie no matter what," but a bit further way from their goals for the high quality production they'd like.


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