Link Smorgasbord, September 16 - 22

"Sex sells. Deal with it."
On overly sexual treatment and objectification of women in video games, and how lack of sex appeal does by no means damn a game to failure.  I appreciate the use of graphics in this one.

Franzen on Bezos: "One of the Four Horsemen"
(To me) a very powerful statement about Amazon.

BiblioTech's debut set this week
San Antonio, TX is now home to the U.S.'s first all-digital library.  Fantastic computer lab space, some hardware available for lending, and what ebook access they're able to offer considering how much publishers decline to sell to libraries.  A project to watch regardless of how it works out.

Real names, real problems: Pseudonymity under siege
Good read.

Intellectual property [sic] – it’s not about property
Just as this article titled "it's not about the property," this article is about more than just copyright.  Specifically it talks about copyright, copyright exemption, and accessibility for the blind.

Authors Guild: Wait for Congress to Sort Out Google Scanning 
 I actually thought that this had been decided already, I guess I was wrong.  I do admit that there is huge commercial possibilities for what Google is doing in their scanning project, but on the other hand it is an invaluable project just for the preservation effort.

Hands-on with Windows 8.1: A solid update, but not a game changer
Glad to know some things are improving, but still staying the hell away from 8 except when unavoidable.  Sounds like I might be slightly less inclined to tear my hair out working with it.  8 still pretty much comes across to me as everything I dislike about tablets/smartphones (minus data plans) put into a desktop.

Tools for Creating Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos 
Screen capture tutorial videos are something that has been on my "to-do" list for ages, but I can't really do them while on desk and my actual off-desk time (as in not at the Reference Desk or my Technology Services public desk) is largely consumed with more pressing projects (like rebuilding a computer or finishing the overhaul of the tech plan).  A few good tools listed here.

23 Resources for Getting Published in the Library Field
I have no clue how many people wandering through this blog are trying to get published in the library field, but it's useful for me at least.

Booksmash's Lust-O-Meter Shows How Innovation Happens
Stuff like this is just fun and awesome to me.


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