Link Smorgasbord, July 15 - 21

How DRM Won
This is a really great article, if you're wondering why anyone would ever have reason to be uncomfortable with cloud or streaming services, it's worth reading.

Broad coalition sues feds to halt electronic surveillance by National Security Agency
Several groups that often have little to do with each other banding together on privacy issues.

Letters to the Editor: Forbes Library needs some help
Letter to the Editor of the Springfield Republican by Jane Yolen about Northampton's Forbes Library's fund drive to improve accessibility. 

Books-A-Million to Install ESPRESSO BOOK MACHINE
Print-on-Demand in a bookstore.

Declaration on Digital Freedom
A statement of rights by PEN International.

unintended consequences: Wiley price hike post-Kirtsaeng
Because text-books apparently weren't costing us enough no matter the format.

Emily’s Friends: Beer Tasting on a Summer Evening
Easthampton's Emily Williston Memorial Library is holding a beer tasting to benefit the library on Saturday August 10, from 5-7PM.  Featuring local brewery, TrĂ¼Beer, tickets cost $10 and each ticket grants for tastings.  Beer at the library, does it get any better?  Ok, I know it does, but I happen to like both libraries and beer, so still makes for a great combination.

And almost no one is surprised, especially considering this was one of the biggest concerns about the purchase even when Yahoo made statements that it would do this.

San Jose State suspends collaboration with online provider
Program suspended due to less than half of the students passing their classes.  Interested to see the final report on the project.


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